Theme: Innovation and Technology Transfer for Big Four Agenda”.


  1. The Chief Guest, Dr Tom Mboya
  2. Deputy Vice-Chancellors
  3. Officer in Charge, Machakos Women Prison
  4. Members of the public
  5. Students
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen

Good afternoon

I am delighted that you all came to participate in in this event. For those of us from organizations other than Machakos University, I take this opportunity to acknowledge you and I welcome you.

Ladies and gentlemen

Innovation is a mantra that cannot be wished away. In the academia, we are told “Publish or Perish” but accelerating economic development in this 21st Century, we must “Innovate or Perish” as a country. Therefore Innovation is not only a way to go but a way of life for those who must keep up with the present world. It is with this understanding that I wish to make some remarks on some aspects of Innovation in pursuant to the theme of this Innovation week.

Ladies and gentlemen

The importance of Innovation cannot be underestimated.

Innovation has profound impact on societies, institutions, businesses and on individual interactions. It allows organizations to stay relevant in this dynamic and competitive world. It plays important role in the economic growth of any country and is the core of modern existence. It has the ability to solve critical societal problems and enhance society’s capacity to act through technology to produce products and services.

In this innovation forums today, we have extremely sound innovation and creativity which have direct impact on our society.

For instance:

  1. The iVoting-it is an innovation that can solve problems of voting in this country
  2. Extraction of Mercury from waste- it is an innovation that can reduce cases of cancer from the vegetables we consume daily.
  3. Recycling of diapers- this innovation can assist thousands of women who cannot afford diapers for their young ones
  4. Mystical making of bids using legs by the Machakos School for the physically disabled and
  5. The massage from the Machakos Technical for the blind- are medical  innovations that can assist society medical issues of stress.
  6. etc.

Ladies and gentlemen

As a developing nation, how do we make Innovation a reality and as part of our lives?

I would like to go the way Stephen John (2011), who once looked at history and observed and said: “Innovation does not come just from giving people incentives, it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect” .This means, Innovation requires friendly ecosystem where all people, employees or entrepreneurs etc are supported and provided with right tools. Innovation can only thrive in an environment where it is encouraged, interaction and exchange of ideas are welcome and where brainstorming and breakdown of information take place.

As I conclude, i would want us to understand that Innovation is simply introducing something new aimed at improving people’s lives. Therefore innovation isa way of life if we have to be relevant with the ever changing world.

It is now my pleasure to invite the Chief Quest Dr Tom Mboya Okaya, who is the founder and convener of MUSPRA 2 STEM and TSC Director, Kangema, to give his speech and officially open this innovation week at Machakos University.