Is responsible for chauffeuring the Vice-Chancellor and ensuring the vehicle is taken care of and has enough fuel.


To use the acquired skills and knowledge to serve my bosses and other clients allocated to me for my services with diligence. Always relate with the public in the interest   of the industry to superior performance and profitability. 


I am  a self  motivated  person, ambitious ,  creative  and ready  to  work  under minimal  supervision .  I am  attentive to  details,  a team  player,  able  to  handle  multiple tasks  and meet deadlines.   I am motivated by challenging   assignments and the ability to exercise   professionalism in assignments. 


1989 – 1997                 Embu   County Primary School          KCSE


1998 – 2001                 Kirimari   Secondary School        KCSE

                                            (Pass with C Plain)



2011 July:                    Music Leadership Training School    Leadership skills

2010 August:              St. John Ambulance                            First Aid

2009 August:              Ministry of Roads                               Suitability test

2007 April:                  Music Leadership Training school           Communication Skills

2005 March:                Music Leadership Training School          Communication Skills

2003 July -August:     AA Driving School                                   Driving Lessons

2001 April:                  Divisional Music School                          Leadership Skills


June, 2018 – To date    –         Machakos University

                                                Position Held –

                                                Driver – Office of the Vice-Chancellor

 June 2013- 2018: University Of Nairobi

 Position Held: Driver for the Deputy Vice Chancellor (RPE)   


  • Updating and maintaining university vehicle movement work ticket on daily basis.
  • Upholding the dignity of the university by performing my duties as per ISO requirements through displaying good image of the university vehicle and its personnel.
  • Being in-charge of safety of the vehicle allocated to me plus its passengers.
  • Picking and dropping of council members to their destination.
  • Checking and ensuring the vehicle allocated to me is road worth on daily basis and reporting to the transport officer in cases of malfunctions.
  • Ensuring the vehicle is clean at all  times
  • Ensuring safe of vehicle accessories i.e first aid kit, Jack, life-savers triangles and fire extinguishers.
  • Ensuring that the vehicle is serviced at the right and all statutory requirements are valid and in place before driving the vehicle allocated to me.
  • Handling emergency minor mechanical problems.


Position   held:                       Driver


  • Checking the safety  of the vehicle  to  ensure  road worthiness  on  daily  basis
  • Being in-charge of safety of the vehicle allocated to me plus its passengers
  • Handling simple mechanical problems.
  • Driving clients to their required destination no matter what time it is.
  • Ensuring the vehicle is serviced on time and has required legal document.
  • Updating journey log accurately on daily basis.
  • Following instruction as authorized by my supervisors.

2007 –  2008   WAKI HOLDINGS LTD

Position   held:                       Driver


  • Updating  of  journey   log of vehicle  use on  daily  basis
  • Checking the safety  of the vehicle  to  ensure  road worthiness  on  daily  basis
  • Assisted on administrative work when called upon to.
  • Ensuring safe  keeping  of Vehicle   accessories i.e  first  aid  Kit ,  jack