It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Machakos University this afternoon. I wish to congratulate you for having secured a place in your respective area of choice and specialization, and also for having the good sense to choose to study in Machakos University. Machakos University puts students at the center of everything it does.

Your experience and success here is important to each member of the University. Your joining the University is a new chapter in story of your life. You therefore, have an opportunity to determine the direction and tempo of your story. University Life may be exciting and, challenging but the great thing is that you are doing something that you have chosen to do.
While you are here you have the opportunity to learn new things, acquire new knowledge, develop new skills and enhance your personal attributes in a profound way that will equip your skills and competencies for life after your course training.

You will be expected to be more self-reliant and take responsibility. You are accountable for yourself, make sure you attend all your lessons and develop a study plan. Use library and available learning resources. Though we expect you to assume another level of responsibility take note that you are not alone, if things get tough and you experience difficulties, please seek help from others, talk to others seek guidance.

The University has various sports and clubs where you are encouraged to join a sport club of your choice. We have very strong teams have successfully participated in East Africa Championship.

Take cognizance that Machakos University admits students nationally, embrace diversity, learn and appreciate diverse cultures of others
The ministry of Education through Kenya national Qualification Authority has come up with a career progression path. This means that you can move from wherever you are to the top e.g. A student can progress from:-
1. Artisan- Craft, Diploma – Bachelors, Master, PhD.
2. Craft-Diploma, Bachelor, Master, PhD
3. Diploma-Bachelor, Master, PhD.

Am glad to inform you that those who will be successful with Diploma will be eligible to join our degree programs as shall be directed by the Ministry of Education.

Our TVET training is anchored on the Government big four agenda which are the main focus for economic and individual development.

These four pillars are food security, manufacturing, universal health care and affordable housing.

In order to participate in achievement of the four pillar we are offering relevant training which equips learners with hands on skills and relevant competencies. The education and training which will be offered to you shall provide you with knowledge skills and attitude for employment or self-employment to enable the achievement of the Big four agenda.

It is important to note that after your Diploma training you are welcome to join undergraduate courses.