The Directorate of Corporate Affairs, Public Relations and Marketing has been established to increase visibility and position the University as a center of excellence in this part of the country. It is the vision of the Vice Chancellor that Machakos University becomes a preferred University of choice in Kenya and beyond. The Vice Chancellor has envisaged that Machakos University’s niche faculties of Hospitality and Tourism and Engineering and Technology among others will transform Kenyan industry and economy. The university’s high and unparalleled quality of our alumni out there in industry and employment market is our testimony and a treasure Kenyans are unaware. Therefore, to ensure the university’s value is understood in Kenya and beyond and that the University achieves its mandate, the Directorate was established with express objectives as follows:

  • To implement University’s public relations and communication strategies.
  • To implement University’s website and social media strategies.
  • To manage and develop content for the corporate social media sites
  • Provide leadership in promoting the image of Machakos University in all its corporate affairs.
  • To develop speeches, cover university events and manage press releases among others.

Moreover, the Directorate incorporates marketing section whose mandate is to oversee the University’s marketing strategy and ensure that agreed priority marketing campaign plans are implemented. The division is to ensure that the University’s objectives of high student enrollment is achieved through advertising, publicity and marketing outreach. The marketing department is also responsible for harmonizing its functions with all the University’s core objectives that enhance interface between marketing management and other University units.

The overall purpose of the directorate is to build Machakos university as a brand with clear brand identity and brand promise. Through planned creation of several favorable corporate image strategies, Machakos University will evolve a culture that builds an emotional brand experience and loyalty. The directorate will not only focus on advertising but it will create a modest corporate website, corporate branding and corporate social responsibility. It will also seek to create service charter to materialize its center of excellence through front office operations, customer relations and service delivery. Machakos University will be a brand identity with a brand promise of soaring heights in industry and economy.

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