MOU Signing MksU and Huawei Technologies


Signing of an agreement between Machakos University and Huawei Technologies (Kenya) Company Limited on 12th November, 2018.

The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Lucy Irungu led the University Management team in signing of an agreement between the University and Huawei Technologies (Kenya) Company Limited. The agreement is to facilitate the setting up of Machakos University as a Huawei ICT Academy which will deliver technical and certification training to the students using the Huawei authorized training curriculum and tools.

The Academy and Huawei shall each appoint a contact person to assume responsibility for the day to day interface and operational performance of work under this Agreement. 4.2. Responsibilities and Obligations for the Academy

  1. a) The Academy shall be solely and exclusively responsible for effecting or securing, if is required by Applicable Law in the Territory, at its own cost, all necessary governmental and regulatory permits, licenses and registrations required in connection with the execution or performance of its obligations under this Agreement in the Territory and providing Huawei with copies of all agreements and other documentation relating thereto upon Huawei’s request.
  2. b) The Academy’s preparation of resources, such as human resources, hardware and equipment and training environment, shall meet Huawei’s requirements of related policies and regulations as provided by Huawei on its website,wherein the HAINA related policy could be found under the Talent Alliance tab; and the Academy shall guarantee the legality of the related resources it used for authorized training programs. Huawei shall be held harmless from any related legal disputes due to the Academy’s infringement in the preparation.
  3. c) The Academy shall not act on behalf of or in the name of Huawei or as the exclusive or sole agent or in similar terms unless otherwise authorized by Huawei in writing in advance. The Academy shall ensure its students to be aware that the Academy is an independent party who is not empowered to act on behalf of Huawei or bind or represent Huawei in any manner. Therefore, any agreement engaged into by and between a student and the Academy will be considered executed only between the Academy and this student. Any arrangements between the Academy and a student with respect to sale, purchase or service will need to be defined in separate and specific agreement between the Academy and each student. d) The Academy shall print the Training Kits according to the latest electronic copies provided by Huawei. The Training Kits shall only be printed for authorized training courses, and the number of the Training Kits printed by the Academy shall not exceed the quantities required by training courses.
  4. e)  The Academy shall request and encourage its HAINA related staff and students to register and provide information on, so that the operation reports can be produced, which include but not limited to ‘HAINA Teacher’ report, and ‘HAINA Course’ report, etc.. If any information provided by the Academy is fake or fabricated, Huawei shall have the right to unilaterally disqualify the Academy, and terminate this Agreement without bearing any liability. f) The instructors assigned by the Academy for teaching a specific course shall be HCAI certified for the corresponding course, and the certified level of HCAI shall be the same or higher than the level required for that specific course. The training plan, training content, training implementation, and archiving of training materials of the Academy shall be organized and implemented according to related policies, regulations and guidelines of Huawei.
  5. g) The Academy promises to train at least FIFTY (50) students a year. If the Academy fails to achieve the lowest training target specified in this clause for 12 months, Huawei shall have the right to disqualify the Academy, and terminate this Agreement without bearing any liability. h) The Academy shall safeguard Huawei’s interests and image, and properly handle the relationship with students. The Academy is obliged to correctly introduce Huawei and Huawei’s training program to the students, and appropriately manage the relationship with their students in relation to HAINA activities at any occasions. If the Academy’s improper behaviors has caused any litigation from a related third party, the Academy shall defend, indemnify, and hold Huawei harmless from and against the litigation at its own cost, and bear all the legal responsibilities.
  6. i) The Academy shall make efforts to maintain a high satisfaction level of training and participation rate for student.
  7. j) Training quality control

The Academy shall endeavor to provide high quality training at all times and make every effort to improve the quality of training. The Academy must always encourage students to submit surveys, and request teachers to provide feedback and instructors reports at

Responsibilities and Obligations for Huawei

  1. a) Huawei will support the Academy for its HCAI development.
  2. b) Huawei shall grant a certificate and nameplate to the Academy after the

Academy passes Huawei’s HAINA evaluation process. c) Huawei shall qualify instructors from the Academy if the instructors meet the requirements of HCAI, and grant the HCAI Certificate to the instructors for teaching of authorized training course.

  1. d) Huawei reserves the right to inspect and monitor the training quality of the Academy according to the reports produced from based on the data provided by the Academy and other sources, and evaluate the Academy’s qualifications. If the Academy’s training quality doesn’t meet the requirements, Huawei may at its own discretion assist the Academy for improvement, require the Academy to take remedial actions, and/or take any other applicable actions.
  2. e) With a one month’s prior written notice, Huawei reserves the right to adjust training contents, and training course durations at Huawei’s own discretion. The Academy shall implement the new regulations unconditionally.
  3. f) Huawei shall provide Huawei policies, management regulations, programs and technical documentation applicable to the Academy. Huawei reserves the rights to unilaterally amend such policies, regulations and programs from time to time.