The Vice-Chancellor addresses New Students

Prof. Lucy Irungu

The Vice-Chancellor congratulated the first year students for their good performance in KSCE and welcomed them to Machakos University.

She reminded the students that University life will accord them a lot of freedom, but they should remember that there are consequences that come with it. As such she urged them to remain focused and be keen on the University programmes among them, attending lectures, sitting for exams and participating in extracurricular activities. That it was important that the students observe discipline and avoid any activities that will compromise their character and studies.

She urged the students to embrace diversity, as Machakos University prides itself as a multicultural institution with diverse cultures, beliefs and traditions. That this exposure and experiences will enable them to avoid culture shocks as they venture out to the world in future.

Lastly, she assured them that the University was doing its best to ensure that its students and staff are safe but reminded the students that they should follow the security guidelines given to them by the County security agencies and above all, always be on high alert over security matters.