• Mr James Kathili, the representative of H.E Dr Alfred Mutua , the Governor, Machakos County .
  • Deputy Vice Chancellors
  • Registrars
  • Deans and Directors
  • Head of Departments
  • Staff
  • Student Leaders
  • Ladies and Gentlemen
  • Our guests from the County and all invited guests


Good afternoon!
It gives me great pleasure to be here and close this event. The football tournament for the Staff and all the students in session dubbed Mama Lucy Comrades Football Tournament to a conclusion today. The participants were at their best and showed the spirit of competition and enthusiasm. I am really thankful to you for providing us some very exciting moments.

 I congratulate the winners and all the participants.

Sports events like this gives a chance not only for bonding and recognizing winners within the University but gives a chance to showcase the collective talent. A winner exists because someone dared to stand up and lose. Sports teach us how to work in harmony with other people, accept defeats with equal ease and work as a united Machakos University community.

Sports competitions fill us with enthusiasm which is a vital change from the cycle of academic routines. It inspires the participants and spectators as well. They build physical stamina and teaches us to take victories and defeats as part of life. A loser provides a winner a scale to measure his or her success. You need to remember that the winner is not twice as much better than a runners up but a loser should analyze their performance and set new winning mission strategies.

There are many fringe benefits of being a sports man or woman. Apart from giving you confidence, strength and physical productivity, in Kenya and world over, sports gives you a rewarding career financially. I want you to recall as the world soccer ended in Moscow last season, the very best paid sportsmen were on display; the Messis, the Kanes, the Ronaldos etc are still clear in our minds.

I believe you will continue to strive for excellence in the discipline as you have already displayed a great deal of promise. I really appreciate you for giving us this opportunity to celebrate and be proud of you.

After the sports excitement, let us all resume our usual work and make best of the refreshed mind and show up on the next stage of success, that is, your academic performance.
I wish you agreater success in future and hope your being a sports person will add to the great name of Machakos University and the glory of sports our country is known for.


Thank you, and God bless us all.