Ladies and gentlemen

My dear colleagues

Good evening

  1.    Welcome
  • It is a privilege to welcome you to this our 1stYear-End Party in Machakos University.
  • It is refreshing and good to see all of you in celebration mood.
  • I appreciate all the good work you do despite various challenges.
  • As the University Management we value the hours you stay on the job, we acknowledge your hard work and we are very grateful for all your efforts.
  • I thank you for your commitment and for delivering a very successful 2018.

Colleagues today is your day to celebrate but allow me to make a few remarks and reflections:



Sports and Co-curriculum

  • The year that is ending is and will be in many respects a year of profound memories. This year 2018 witnessed the start of new conquest in the history of Machakos University in several spheres. The most outstanding being in sports and extra curriculum activities when our sports men and women broke records in all their national assignments and made the university stand tall among all the Universities in Kenya. As we speak now, our gallant teams are creating our name in Dodoma, TZ. We give thanks to our dedicated games staff led by Mr. lvivi, Mrs. Rose Munywoki and Mrs. Patricia Kioko also did us proud in Inter University Music Festival and Dr. Larry Ndivo and his magical travelling theatre and our famous 97 trio.

Research and Linkages

  • In research, we saw Machakos University enter into many MoUs and host its first international conference. This was a great milestone for such a young University, accolades go to our ever focused Research and Linkages Divisionled by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (RIL), Prof. Mwita and a non-relenting Dr. Amukowa and the wonderful staff in the Division.

Corporate Social Responsibility -CSR

  • In 2018 a new chapter of CSR was born in Machakos University and we saw our first ever establishment of environment and cleaningdays being initiated, and our yearly tree planting day being inaugurated. We need to give a thumbs up to ourselves and to all of us who cleaned, planted trees and made these events succeed.

Academic Achievements

  • In academics our achievements in 2018 saw no bounds. Several of our staff members took off in airplanes to various parts of the world for studies. They went to Germany, to South Africa and others to India and Scandinavian countries. A new chapter in Machakos University was born and it’s my resolve that more staff will traverse our continents for either studies, research or exchange programs and this will hopefully include our students.

Revival of Technical and Vocational Education and Training-TVET

  • The revival of TVETrekindled the hopes and dreams of the MTTI but it also revived the deeming careers that were on the line. As a University, we need to give the Directorate of TVET support and allow Mr. Mulelu, who is doing a good job, to bring the TVET onto its feet. This University is a technical University and its niche and lifeline lies in the technical direction.

3rd Graduation of 2018 class/Student Scholarships

  • The year 2018 also saw the University graduate 1500 students, the largest since the inception. In addition, during the graduation, we witnessed a colourful installation of the First Vice-Chancellor of Machakos University. Thanks to Deputy Vice-Chancellor (ASA), the Graduation Committee and all staff members who worked tirelessly to make this year’s graduation a success. The occasion was also very fundamental, our Chancellor raised 88 scholarships which will go a long way to supporting needy students under our custody.
  1. Employee of the Year Award             
  • Colleagues, in order to acknowledge and appreciate the heroes among us who work so hard and selflessly, the management saw it fit to start awarding the best worker of the year. This is the least we can do for such dedicated staff that make this university move forward.
  • In the same vein, I wish to congratulate all the staff who got promoted in various departments including the new staff who joined the University. You deserve it and well done, for some of you it was a long wait.
  1. Challenges


I must say that in life, challenges are inevitable. Machakos University nerveless has had and is still having some challenges such as:

  • Low funding of research proposals
  • Low funding and capitation from government
  • Huge payroll against limited resources
  • Inadequate modern infrastructure and learning facilities
  • Lack of Hostel accommodation within the university

In time, we hope these bottlenecks will be things of the past. We shall overcome.

  1. Sympathies
  • As the University Management, we noted that in 2018, quite a number of staff lost their loved ones.
  • On behalf of the management and on my own behalf, I express my deepest sympathies.
  • Take heart, it is only God who is in control.
  1. Looking Ahead


Despite the many challenges we have as a University, we look forward for the following issues to be addressed in the coming days:


  • Continue renovation of existing infrastructure and learning environment.  Machakos University Sports Complex
  • Alignment of the University programs with industry and job market to address the Big Four Agenda and Vision 2030.
  • To increase Research funds and perfect our proposals to win research funds
  • Provision of better welfare for the staff and students (library, Hostels etc)
  • Community service and stakeholder participation
  • A world class university with global standards having diversity and internalization aspects for both its faculty and students.
  • Enhancing resource mobilization through IGAs
  • Continue attracting qualified staff


  1.        Appreciation and Conclusion


  • In conclusion, on behalf of the management, the council and on my own behalf, I reiterate my unreserved recognition of the ENTIRE staff of Machakos University for the most outstanding commitment in their duties 2018.
  • I am proud and honoured and quite fortunate and privileged to be workingtogether in your midst.
  • To my deputies, the DVCs – I appreciate your contribution and so all members of management board who have seen to it that this great university moves forward.
  • I hope that with time we shall for a formidable team, as it is popularly said, ‘’coming together is the first step, staying together is progress but working together is success’’.
  • I wish also to personally thank my staff, in the office of the VC for their unwavering commitment to duty and for working long hours against all odds. I salute them and ask the entire university to give them respect for they are the face of this university.
  • I also like to thank the Registrar (AP) and everyone that assisted to making this function successful. Special thanks goes to our exchequer, the DVC(APF), Eng. Shitanda, the sponsors of this End Year Party.
  • Lastly, I hope and expect that the Christmas break will give you ample opportunity to relax and to spend some time with your family and friends. We all need to recharge our batteries after a busy and very successful year.
  • Please join me in giving your colleagues and yourselves a big round of applause.
  • Now, let’s have a party, MC, continue.

Thank you.