• County commissioner, Machakos – Hon. Abdullahi Galgalo Hiddi


  • County Minister for Environment – Hon. Naomi Mutie


  • County Director, NEMA – Ms. Sophie Mutemi


  • Area MCA – Hon. Caleb Mutiso


  • All protocols observed,


  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Good morning!


  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Good morning!


It gives me great pleasure again for yet another day geared towards protecting our environment through cleaning. We all need a clean environment so we can live healthy lives and leave future generations a healthy Earth. There have been changes in the environment in every time period but the biggest and most negative changes are happening today. A lot of groups and people in our society are doing everything they can to raise awareness about the importance of a clean environment and to make the environment healthier. Unfortunately, it just isn’t enough. The only way we are going to achieve a clean environment is if everyone works together to take care of our planet.

Fresh air, clean drinking water, natural gas, petroleum and the earth’s topsoil are all finite resources that will exhaust if we continue to exploit them at the present rate in the name of the development. As we deplete precious natural resources and degrade the environment, we also destroy its ability to rejuvenate itself. If we do not give attention to our environment, we are putting our own existence in grave peril. Not only this, we are spoiling the fate of our future generation.

We must realize that Cleanliness is Godly and begins with us;-

  • By buying what you need, using enough and recycling as much of your waste as possible. The less trash and waste we all create the better off the environment will be.
  • By using less products that come from trees in your home and at work. Using less tree products will mean more trees will be saved and that leads to better air quality.

The human society is embedded in an environment. We must not forget that the human being is first and foremost an animal, sharing living space with other animal species in an environment on which they are mutually dependent. However, in search for development, human beings, have continuously applied science and technology as a way of life. This has resulted to extensive pollution have endless destroyed and depleted our natural resources without concern for the future.

It is therefore very gratifying to see you ready to contribute to this noble call at Machakos University and to be joined by our distinguished guests and wonderful students and staff. Am encouraged as your Vice chancellor. Due to the enthusiasm of which the community has shown, Machakos University has good news. The University Council and Management as part of CSR will from 2019 support bright and less fortunate students from this community around the Universiy. We request our friend, the MCA  Hon. Caleb Mutiso to identify and let the university know who should benefit from this kind gesture.

With those few remarks, I call upon everyone who is assembled here today, to focus all their efforts, thoughts and energies towards protecting our environment. Let us all think of our young daughters and sons, brothers and sisters. What kind of environment will they live in when they grow up? What life do we wish for them? What do we wish they talk about when they see their surrounding environment? You and I, are about to give the answers to these questions. I therefore, call upon you my brothers and sisters to join me in safeguarding the future. Let us together show how grateful we are to our Mother Nature, which sustains all forms of life. Let us all clean to restore our future today!


Thank you all, God bless you all and Bless Machakos University.